JPPI (Jurnal Pendidikan Islam Pendekatan Interdisipliner) is an academic journal published related to Islamic Education using a variety of Sciences (Interdisciplinary), because Islamic Education not only raises links only from Islamic disciplines, but from various disciplines of education, both of which relating to Islamic Law, Islamic Economics, Islamic Philosophy and so on that are relevant in the development of Education itself.

It is this Interdisciplinary Review that is expected to give birth to various research results that are flown with the development of Islamic Education itself without reducing the existing scientific principles, published in the era of Technology as it is today, many things must be addressed with the development of the era at a more advanced turnover so it does not available leaving Islamic values.

JPPI (Journal Jurnal Pendidikan Islam Pendekatan Interdisipliner) was published 2 (two) times in the publication of June and December in the current year, which was published by the Polewali Mandar DDI Foundation.

JPPI (Jurnal Pendidikan Islam Pendekatan Interdisipliner) commonly called JPPI DDI Polewali Mandar or JPPI DDI Polman